Wednesday 8th November

Time Session
10:00 Smart Building Automation: the future of holistic energy, lighting, security and heating management.
10:00 Smart Building Data: How to make it work for you
10:45 Exploiting cognitive computing and the internet of things to create smarter buildings
10:45 Building Energy Management Systems, Concepts for a Smart Building
11:00 Converged building controls (BS EN15232)
11:30 Why-o-T: Reasons You Need a Connected Building
11:30 How to remain smart?
12:15 Beyond FM
12:15 Space Junk, Light Bulbs and Securing the IoT
13:00 Connected Buildings and the IoT – How will you change your Company
13:00 See, save, scale with retrofit lighting
13:00 Synapsys Solutions Guide to Tenant Billing
13:45 Panel Debate: Do Building Managers & FMs realise the possibilities of smart buildings?
13:45 Intelligent Buildings - 2 case studies and the new BICSI standard
14:30 Single Pane of Glass - Integration of the IOT
14:30 Connected Services Enabling Real Estate
15:00 Building Automation Embraces the IoT of Things
15:15 Can my building be hacked? Physical Security and Cybersecurity
15:15 From the Smart Building to the Wise Building
16:00 Smart buildings in Smart Cities
16:00 How to assure the “I” in IoT? Networking in Smart Buildings

Thursday 9th November

Time Session
10:00 Buildings and IoT. How to take control
10:00 Connected buildings – disconnected people?
10:45 From Big Data to Smart Data: Energy management using Cognitive Computing
10:45 The Evolving Technology behind Smart Buildings
11:00 SMART Communication using BACnet
11:30 The Connected and Efficient Building
11:30 High-Performing Buildings: The Value Proposition for Real Estate
12:15 Smart Buildings + Smart Workplace = Smart Experience
12:15 Panel Debate: Why data integrity is imperative but avoid data paralysis
13:00 An insight into the BIM and Smart Facilities Management use cases that have been deployed as part of CityVerve
13:00 From Smart to Cognitive Buildings: Providing actionable insights which will increase efficiency and productivity, and save money
13:00 Breathing Easier with Smart Technology – how building technology is revolutionising indoor climate control and security
13:45 People, places and data – beyond FM to the Connected Workspace
13:45 Management requires measurement, but just how granular can it get?
14:30 Future Cities Catapult - Every journey to smart begins with a building
14:30 Is dynamic solar shading the missing piece of the smart building services puzzle?
15:15 Building UX and people. Smart- beyond tech, utilisation and optimisation
15:15 Smart Building Controls with Nano BEMS