Why-o-T: Reasons You Need a Connected Building


Maximizing productivity and employee wellness is a complex challenge for organizations, and an increasingly important goal shared by clients and the modern workforce. Accenture’s Dublin Centre for Innovation (The Dock) is a living lab, focused on increasing collaboration, productivity and security among our employees, management and visitors, while serving as an environmental steward of the community in which we operate.


Matthew Marson, Connected Spaces Consultant at Accenture

D1 Connected 11:30

Matthew is a Consultant in Accenture’s Connected Spaces practice in London. He is an architectural designer and incorporated engineer, named as the Institution of Mechanical Engineer’s Young Member Visionary 2016/2017.

Matthew lead the design and implementation at Accenture’s The Dock to create a world leading Connected Building. Human-centric design, advanced IoT technologies and sustainability drivers have made the digital retrofit a unique workplace.