Single Pane of Glass - Integration of the IOT

How the internet of Things is driving the requirement for a Single Pane of Glass Allowing user to interact with buildings via their Smart Device. The future of integration will be via API / SDK Led interfaces with the normalization of both hardware and Software onto a common platform.
Who should attend this session?
Buildings Owners and Occupiers, Landlords, FM, Energy Managers, Wellbeing and Sustainability leaders.
What will delegates learn from this session?
The future Innovation of Integration and how the World of BMS is changing with the emergence of Micro Supercomputers
Why is this issue of interest to delegates?
It is the Future of Smart Integrated Buildings. 


Mark Davenport, CEO at Smart Buildings

D1 Connected 14:30

Over 30 years within the BMS industry, introduced products such as Tridium, Distech and Can2GO (Now Schneider Struxureware Lite) into the UK 

Founder of Smart Buildings Ltd who are a leader in Integration and IOT Technology.