Smart buildings in Smart Cities

  • Explaining what CityVerve is: a project to improve people’s lives in Manchester using IoT technologies.
  • Explaining how Asset Mapping seeks improves the well-being of tenants: introduce the idea of designing smart buildings with people in mind: from the tenants to the operators taking care of equipment. 
  • Showing how we have done this in CityVerve: this will be a practical demonstration of the platform.
  • Talking about the future: explain plans to connect additional systems in the buildings and the city. These plans include monitoring occupancy with Hoxton Analytics, connecting to Salesforce Field Service to deploy operators and sharing data. 


Bill Clee, CEO at Asset Mapping

D1 Connected 16:00

Bill Clee is CEO and Founder of Asset Mapping, a company focused on delivering IoT based solutions in the built environment. 

A design engineer by training, Bill spent his early career designing systems for data centres, oil & gas, and shipbuilding industries around the world. During these years, he acquired high expertise in managing complex systems, and worked hand-in-hand with field engineers to understand the challenges they faced when doing their jobs. After working in consultancy as a CAD and GIS expert, Bill transferred to the construction industry in the UK. 

In 2009, he joined Honeywell to work on the CCTV system for the London Olympic site. It was here where Asset Mapping™ was born as an online platform to help field workers visualise the real-time location and status of the assets on site. Today, Asset Mapping is a leader in digitising buildings. The company has a strong focus on innovation in Smart Cities, participating as a technology partner in smart cities/IoT projects, such as CityVerve in Manchester and works with clients in the banking, commercial property and securities industries. Partners to the company include Cisco and Intel.