Smart Buildings @ UCL

This presentation will give an overview of activities within the Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering of UCL in the area of smart buildings, that cover research, teaching and impact.

An overview will be presented of research results obtained in the last 7 years in the context of large-scale EU-funded Research and Innovation projects that the presenter has participated. Topics to be covered include a discussion of research on middleware platforms, model-based control and automated tuning of control sequences, data models and data integration, and analytics for fault detection and diagnostics. It will discuss challenges faced when performing large scale research demonstrations and lessons learnt.

Transferring research knowledge into teaching has led to the introduction of a new programme in "Smart Buildings and Digital Engineering". A short presentation of the programme will be given. Finally, a short reference will be given to impact activities and in particular a new Annex organised by the International Energy Agency on "Data-driven Smart Buildings".

This aspires to bring academics and industry together in working on addressing some of the challenges of developing and delivering smarter buildings.


Dimitrios Rovas, at UCL

D1 Controls 10:45

Bio to follow.