Safe and Reliable IoT Mesh Network in Practice

Simon will introduce main IoT projects, especially focused on Smart Buildings, being solved in the IQRF Alliance.

IQRF network as the base for wireless bi-directional and encrypted data collection and device control can be easily connected to existing clouds and services using IQRF Gateways which make a reliable local autonomy.

Air quality monitoring in schools and offices
Because of the assumption that there is bad air in schools, and therefore students have concentration problems, members of the IQRF Alliance decided to make a long-term 4-months measurement. The CO2, temperature and relative humidity values were monitored. They were continuously analyzed and finally followed by recommendations for ventilation.
As a result, it was found that minimum recommended values of relative air humidity had not been reached for most of the school time and maximum allowed CO2 values had been exceeded for almost half of the time. These variables and their values are directly linked to the concentration and health of students.
The IQRF network is easy to install, so the installation of all sensors and their subsequent removal took place within a very short time without disturbing the teaching. The entire large school for 600 students was covered by a network with 10 hops, although the IQRF network has more than 240 hops. Extension of additional sensors would be easy.
The same situation applies to office workers. Reduced performance, fatigue, and higher morbidity are the price for poor indoor air conditions and can be solved with IoT.

Efficient lighting in cinemas, sports halls, offices, churches
The complete solution consists of LED lights controlled by robust and reliable IQRF wireless mesh network, backend user interface supporting different scenes (children, adults, etc.) and different sections in the hall, settings of parameters like light intensity, duration, time schedules, and others.
There are over 10 different sections in halls for comfortable and power-efficient operation. The lighting solution for cinema disposes of more than 7 different scenes that can be set up by a user.
As a result, the customer return on investment with lower lighting power consumption is very fast, lighting control is 100% reliable and easy to use. Furthermore, the illumination quality is significantly improved, and supervisors are able to control the lighting system very simply thanks to the well-arranged control software.
The wireless control light management system was installed in some churches in the Czech Republic. The system involves a total of 14 luminaires of three different types with DALI driver. The system allows you to change lighting depending on different scenarios and scenes.
There are seven pre-set scenes for each occasion. You can set a meditation atmosphere for mass, illuminate ceiling paintings with a selected intensity of light, adjust lighting at the entrance or illuminate only selected places. For example, only one selected reading light is lit on White Saturday.

Hotel heating optimization
An IQRF Alliance member optimized an old heating solution in 4-star-hotel Patria, Slovakia, in 2017. An original solution used hot-water radiators in individual rooms with thermostatic heads. There were two options on how to control room temperature.
Manually by hotel guests who regulated the temperature in the rooms themselves, resulting in room overheating with subsequent ventilation and unnecessary losses.
Manually by hotel staff before the guests' arrival and after their departure according to the schedule of the reception/booking department.
To optimize the heating system and reduce costs, the hotel management decided on the smart heating system. The original thermostatic heads were replaced with electronic digital radio heads based on the IQRF wireless technology. The smart heads communicate with each other and with the control system and are powered by batteries. No cabling or other building modifications are necessary.
The control software of the heating system is connected to the existing hotel booking system. Control of heating regulation is fully automated for hotel staff. The control system optimizes the temperature in rooms based on information about arrival or departure acquired from the booking system. The head is automatically activated in case of guests' arrival and turned back to standby mode at the departure.
The heads regulate heating in the optimum programmed mode without the need for any intervention. Staff can reduce or increase the temperature in a particular room based on guests’ preferences. This significantly reduces heating costs.

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Simon Chudoba, CEO at IQRF Alliance

D1 Controls 13:45

Simon graduated on the Faculty Electrical Engineering of the Brno University of Technology in 2006. Afterward, he moved to the management consulting business and worked on large projects around Europe and the USA.

In 2013 he started to work as a Product Line Manager of the IQRF wireless mesh technology and supported the IQRF distribution network all over Europe.
Simon was one of the founders of the IQRF Alliance and in 2015 became the CEO of this dynamic non-profit organization. Over the last three years, the IQRF Alliance has grown up to more than 100 members including significant players on the IoT market such as IBM, AAEON, Tech Data, České Radiokomunikace, MICRORISC, Microchip, Jablotron, and many others.

In 2019, Simon moved to Great Britain to help develop IoT projects in this area.
Simon’s vision is to make the IQRF one of the key technologies for wireless low power mesh networking use cases in the IoT world.