Digital Buildings - Making the Data Useful

With the advent of IoT systems and Big Data we are often told that data collection and normalisation is what smart building systems are all about.

Essentially once you have the data in one place you can use it to analyse all the key variables that can affect building performance. To achieve this methodology four key question’s need to be addressed:

  1. What needs to happen at site level to allow for data to be exported?
  2. How do you get data from A – B consistently and securely?
  3. Once you have your data how can you organise it to provide analytics?
  4. What happens next?

This presentation aims to give an overview of the above points to introduce the audience to the challenges and key concepts that need to be addressed in order to make their data usable and useful.


Oliver Barker, Digital Buildings Team Leader at Norman Disney & Young

D1 Controls 14:30

Oliver joined Norman Disney and Young Consulting Engineers as Digital Buildings Team Leader to drive digital building design and evolution throughout the UK and Europe. His remit includes ICT, Physical security and Smart Buildings.

Oliver primarily comes from a controls and software engineering background and has migrated into the fields of ICT, cyber-security and digital buildings. His experience stretches through commercial, residential and mission critical project.

For the past 10 years Oliver has been based in London and during this time has worked on numerous high profile projects. He is a Chartered Engineer and has a Bachelors Degree in Software Engineering.

Oliver spoke at last years Smart buildings show on Commissioning of Digital Space.