Space Junk, Light Bulbs and Securing the IoT


The presentation provides an overview of the potential long-term risks associated with deploying insecure IoT devices by employing an analogy between space exploration (threatened by the increasing build-up of space debris) and IoT deployment, using a fictitious IOT service to provide examples and highlight these points.

Who should attend this session? 

Any involved with the development and deployment of IoT systems, such as Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and Service providers.

What will delegates learn from this session? 

The presentation highlights the long-term potential risks of deploying insecure IoT devices and proposes a set of simple measures, that could be implemented in the short-term (before standards and regulation are in place), to reduce the number of devices being deployed with severe security flaws.

Why is this issue of interest to delegates? 

The presentation highlights the potential cost of deploying insecure devices; describing the possible consequences such as loss of revenue and the negative impact to brand reputation. It describes how initial steps can be taken to: 

• Reduce the number of insecure devices being deployed.
• Protect the long-term IoT Market.
• Ease the transition to a regulated market.


Sean Gulliford, Principal Technical Consultant at Gemserv Limited

D1 Energy 12:15

Sean is Principal Technical Consultant at Gemserv heading up their Connected Devices team. He holds a B.Eng(Hons) in Digital Systems Engineering and a M.Sc in Machine Learning and Adaptive Computing. Sean’s career has spanned Transport, Telecommunications, Smart Metering and IoT in various roles including Firmware Developer, Product Manager and System Architect. He has been extensively involved in the GB Smart Metering Implementation Programme from specification through to development and deployment. His current role focuses on the secure development and assurance of IoT devices and systems.