See, save, scale with retrofit lighting


Not everyone can afford to build the world’s most sustainable building with thousands of sensor, we will examine the possibilities for understanding your building utilisation in your existing office portfolio. 


Derek Wright, Global Head of Office Systems at Philips Lighting

D1 Energy 13:00

Derek has over 15 years of experience in high technology Global organizations including 3, Sony & Samsung. Derek’s focus is in bringing technology to market where it truly adds value for the users and bringing large market share growth in the process. 

Derek is now globally responsible for office systems in Philips Lighting. This ranges from the simplest system to connected lighting as demonstrated in the World’s most sustainable building “The Edge”. Derek developed the connected lighting value proposition with Power over Ethernet technology as key enabler to drive Internet of Everything into the Lighting domain. 

The solution delivers a scalable and adaptable information platform for building owners and service providers. Through this approach Lighting becomes a pathway for information and services for global customers and partners of Philips. Derek is an early adopter and sometimes can be heard talking to his “Smarthome” in the Netherlands, sometimes writing at 

Derek has a Masters in Engineering with Honors from University of Exeter