How Digital Twins and AI can improve Building performance

In the pursuit of making buildings more energy efficient and nicer places to work or live, we need new solutions. In the future new technologies like Digital Twins and AI will be used and implemented to do this. There is no question that it will. As a professional in the area of Building Management and Controls it is important to understand these new technologies, how it may affect your work and the benefits they bring for your customers. In this presentation, a peak into the world of Digital twins and artificial intelligence is given. It will explain how those new technologies will affect the way we build and use commercial buildings. The presentation includes an application of those new technologies.

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Leo Hitzert, Product Manager and Business developer at Priva

D1 management 10:00

Leo Hitzert is Product Manager and Business developer for Priva in the Netherlands. He is part of a small ‘startup’ team within Priva to discover and implement new technologies like Artificial intelligence and Digital Twins.

Using those technologies, this team has developed a product called ‘Priva Eco’ which fully automatically improves comfort and at the same time lowers energy consumption in a building.

Leo is an experienced international speaker and presenter and has spoken at many events among which the Microsoft European Partner conference in Brussels and a NATO meeting on Energy in Estonia.