Microsoft – Shaping the Future of Smart Buildings and Spaces

Microsoft has a proud history of democratizing technology and making it affordable for everyone. This goes right back to the 1980s and Bill Gates and Paul Allen’s dream of putting a computer on every desk and in every home. This drive continues today, with Microsoft now offering a vast range of advanced cloud-based technologies and services that just a few years ago could be afforded by only the richest corporations.

This is the spirit in which Microsoft has approached the Smart Buildings and Spaces market. When our team was given the challenge 4 years ago to develop a vision and strategy for what Microsoft could do for the, frankly, archaic buildings industry, we started by identifying what unique values could we bring to our customers…how could we use our technology and desire for digital transformation to empower every person and organization in the industry to achieve more.

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David Williams, Innovation Architect at Microsoft

D1 management 10:45

David has worked at Microsoft for 19 years and has been part of the Microsoft Enterprise Commercial Applied Innovation Team since December 2014.

His job is to develop, accelerate and support Microsoft’s key strategic innovation initiatives by providing commercial, business and technical advice, and guidance to help Microsoft customers and partners digitally transform. His focus for the past 4 years has been on developing and implementing Microsoft’s Smart Buildings vision and strategy, helping to create a new cross industry business for the company.

Prior to joining Microsoft, David served in the Royal Air Force for 22 years as an Engineer Officer and has a LLB Honours degree in English Law.