Smart Buildings and the Connected World of IoT

Data is everywhere. Building-control systems contain a wealth of real-time point values that can be aggregated to help drive connected solutions that improve occupant well-being, comfort and safety. But the same data can be used to contain costs and increase efficiency in connected building facilities management, design modelling and construction deployment.

Moreover, the data from INSIDE the building in IoT devices like vending systems, wayfinding, space utilisation and process automation together with data from OUTSIDE the building in traffic control systems, autonomous vehicles and waste/landscaping management can all be brought together to deliver truly powerful, elegant and efficient smart buildings, campuses and cities. And all this is only scratching the surface - turning data into information is the ultimate goal, with analytics, machine learning and AI helping to mine ever-more value from raw values.

This session will separate the fact from the fiction, and demonstrate how smart systems can deliver smart solutions today, and make these a reality with current technology.


Paul Price, Business Development Director at Tridium Europe

D1 management 15:15

Paul is a leading figure in the world of integrated building control systems, with over 30 years' experience in the field of building-controls and building systems integration.

He has a background in start-ups in building-control systems technology as well as leading SME organisations at a senior level. Currently, Paul is Business Development Director for Tridium Europe, with responsibility for sales and business development across the EMEA region for Tridium products and their network of distributors, systems integrators and OEMs.

Tridium, a global software and technology company, is the developer of the Niagara Framework®, a software platform that enables the integration of disparate systems and devices - regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol - into a unified platform that can be easily managed and controlled in real-time.