Talking Buildings

The Smart Building has a lot to say when we’re prepared to listen. Sensors provide real-time data about light levels, temperature, room occupancy and power consumption to name just a few. Listening to them allows us to manage, monitor and maintain them to make informed decisions about the building’s life cycle and how the occupants interact with the space.

But the occupants like to talk too - to themselves, to each other, and especially to the outside world. But can they be heard? The modern building environment poses a number of challenges for mobile communications and in many cases occupants of even the smartest spaces can’t make or take a simple phone call on their mobile device.

In his presentation, Craig Birchenough, COO of Wireless Infrastructure Group, will explore the increasing importance of mobile communications and discusses how poor coverage affects both workplace productivity and the bottom line in revenue and asset value. Leaning on years of experience in delivering mobile connectivity solutions across a wide range of client sectors, Craig will be introducing an innovative solution to ensuring reliable and consistent mobile coverage in the truly smart building.


Craig Birchenough, Chief Operating Officer at Wireless Infrastructure Group

D1 Spaces 12:15

Craig is the COO for Indoor Networks at Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG), one of the industry’s largest infrastructure challengers and leaders for neutral host networks across UK real estate. With over 20yrs experience within the telecoms sector, Craig held senior roles at Peel Holdings Group and Vodafone UK prior to establishing WIGs pioneering indoor networks business.