Getting Started in Smart Building Cyber-security

This session will explore what a Smart Building is, what makes it smart. Then it will explore some of the buzzwords used by vendors to sell you their solution for smart buildings before going into what vendors are consistently getting wrong when it comes to the security of their solutions for smart buildings.
The stakeholders that can be involved in a Smart Building can be many and varied but very few (if any) have and understanding of the cyber security implications of a Smart Building.
Finally, the session will end with what different stakeholders can do to get started on making their Smart Building secure and not just smart.

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Sarb Sembhi, CISM, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Information Security Officer at Virtually Informed

D1 Spaces 13:45

Sarb speaks, writes and contributes to global security events and publications. He is Co-Vice Chair of the Smart Buildings Working Group of the IoT Security Foundation, and has worked on Cyber Insurance projects and Risk Models. He became a Cyber Essentials Certifier in August 2014. He has co-authored White Papers on GDPR and large-scale IoT projects (Smart Buildings), Smart Building Security - Getting Started, and Why Smart Building Security is everyone's challenge. Sarb was shortlisted 16th in the IFSecGlobal 2018 20 Most Influential People in Cyber Security and included in "2018 Tyto Tech 500 Power List" of influencers in the UK’s technology sector.