Turning Ordinary Places into Brighter Spaces

Health & Wellbeing – People & Buildings

Buildings that are designed for people, that have intelligent lighting systems and interoperable services, are able to make the workplace more comfortable, more productive, more healthy; they sense the environment and work with you to make your day better….and they can predict how the different spaces within building are going to be used, and even identify problems before they happen.

Using Intelligent Lighting and Smart Sensing the building knows where you are, what you need, what you want, and helps you reach your goals and objectives. Intelligent lighting and the building are working with you to make your day better!



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Alan is a leading authority figure within the lighting industry because of his broad knowledge in intelligent lighting and networked buildings, and years of management and leadership experience. Alan’s interest and passion is people, the environment, wellbeing, lighting, technology, and choice.

With over 25 years of experience in the lighting industry Alan is a true specialist in the application and impact of intelligent lighting, and has been involved in many of the worlds landmark projects.

Alan is now working internationally to educate and demonstrate the positive impact of intelligent lighting solutions and interoperable building services on wellbeing and building efficiencies, and to broaden the understanding and accelerate the uptake of Intelligent Lighting in buildings.