The Value of Energy Supply to the Grid: The Drivers for Data Centres

Energy efficiency is fast becoming increasingly important in the industry; reflecting broader responsibility for sustainability and climate change. Operators of data centres and other types of critical infrastructure will have a key role to play in this shifting energy landscape which will present new ways to generate revenue and lower operating costs whilst also utilising renewable energy and preserving the energy availability and resiliency of the grid. This presentation will discuss how data centres and power-intensive organisations can optimise the usage of their power infrastructure to achieve cost savings and earn attractive additional revenue streams from grid energy, storage, and balancing services.


Adrian Barker, Senior Director, Business Development EMEA at Vertiv

D1 T2 16:00

Adrian Barker is a senior director of Business Development for Vertiv in Europe. He has over 20 years’ experience working in the high-tech sector starting his professional career in the semiconductor industry. Adrian has spent the past 8 years in the IT sector providing technology that improves environmental and operational efficiencies to large data centre users throughout EMEA in telecommunications, banking, enterprise and colocation segments. He is also a Vertiv presenter at European IT events, and a member of the Infrastructure Masons.