Sensing Technology in Building Services

A Brief History of Sensing Technology: the first commercial thermostats became available at the end of the 19th century... Chronological evolution.

Role of Sensors in a Modern Building Management System: BMS – Input/Output; How Sensors Communicate Values to The BMS?; How BMS Processes the Data?

Importance of High Quality Sensors: Importance of accurate information; Inaccurate Sensing Example

Energy Saving Technology: Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s), Weather Compensation, Natural Ventilation

Common Sensor Types Used in Building HVAC: Temperature, Relative Humidity, CO2 and Air Quality, Air and Water Differential Pressure, Electrical Current, Occupancy

Digital Technologies: Smart Sensors, Wireless Sensors, Internet of Things (IoT)


Andy Camsell, Trainer at SONTAY LTD

D1 Training 10:00

Andy Camsell has been working in the building services industry since 1986. Initially training as an air conditioning engineer he continued to develop his skills in building services through hands-on installation, maintenance and commissioning culminating in a career in the emerging BMS industry in the mid 1990’s

Over the years he has held engineering and leadership roles with contractors, technology providers and manufacturers including the position of Technical Manager at Sontay. In 2006, he started a control systems contracting business with two partners and remained managing director there until 2014 before setting out on his own to provide contract consultancy services.
Recent appointments include managing the EMEA critical systems environmental monitoring strategy for a large investment bank and building services commissioning manager at a landmark medical research facility in London. Control systems and BMS are his area of expertise and he has gained a wealth of experience working within the building services industry.
He is passionate about innovation and especially the convergence of sensing and I.T. systems establishing BMS as a proven technology in the “Internet of Things” revolution.