Building Automation Embraces the IoT of Things


The main focus of the presentation is to talk about the IoT building ... but what does IoT actually mean?  Is it simply the next buzz word of the industry, following on from BIG DATA and the CLOUD. In fact it actually goes beyond that and certainly expands beyond the Building Services industry.  But it can also be interrupted in a number of different ways depending on how it is perceived.  

It already exists today in everyday life - Smartphones, office equipment such as printers and copiers, even modern day cars are all devices with the capability of being connected to the internet, 24/7, providing them with the ability to exchange data and critical information through web based services.  


Giuseppe DiGangi, Specification Sales Manager at Distech Controls

D1 Training 15:00

Giuseppe Di Gangi currently holds the position of Specification Sales Manager for Distech Controls in the UK. Having joined the industry as a young apprentice back in 1988,  Giuseppe truly understands the value of starting a career through a recognised apprenticeship scheme. With over 25 years’ experience, Giuseppe has worked in a variety of roles within major projects delivery teams, including software engineering and field based commissioning, as well as back office roles in training and technical support. Having worked with influential manufacturers, he has witnessed the evolution of the control industry to where it sits to date, with open communications, collaborative infrastructures and network connectivity that now reaches beyond a once isolated domain.