The IoT Will be the Death of Traditional BMS Controls

In the mid-80s the HVAC controls industry went through a huge evolution as it moved from pneumatic control and relay logic, to direct digital control with the invention of the Trend controller. The change was profound and revolutionised thinking about how a building should perform. This was the invention of the Building Management System (BMS) as we know it today and very little has changed in the last 35 years... Until now!

We are about to go through the next big evolution in BMS, and for some it won't be an easy ride. BMS controls manufacturers have been caught napping, as their markets eroded they became protectionist and have clung on to their traditional models. Many of their customers, however, have had their eyes open and can see where the future lies.

Control of buildings will be Cloud-based, traditional control panels will continue to shrink and the big players need to respond to the threat now, it's their last chance to keep control of their own market or the disruptors will have a feild-day!

This session will talk you through the step-change in BMS. It will uncover the truths behind the misdirection and put to bed some false fears about relying on the cloud for control.


James Palmer, National Head of Sales at Global Associates Ltd

D1 Training 15:00

James' background in communication protocols and machine to machine integration spans the past 26 years in the BMS industry. Starting out at North Building Technologies in the early 90's, James' states that he's been creating "Internetworks of Things" since he left University.

James now heads up sales for leading BMS systems integrator Global Associates. Their vision for a more connected future was what attracted him to Global. James now spends a good proportion of his time leading the commercial and technical teams behind Global's IoT brand "Global Spaces".