Buildings and IoT. How to take control


The way we utilise and interact with our buildings is changing.  The physical data that can be extrapolated is increasing on a daily basis.  This data is then able to be reworked and re-presented in order to predict demand, manage deployment, ease congestion, organise maintenance and create spaces for work and for living which are both comfortable and low impact in terms of energy. 

Stable networks and thorough connectivity are essential but if this is even half way to being true, then the backbone to any building has to be considered to be critical for us to start to achieve this.

Come and take control of your morning and hear about the developments and the benefits of this change and how you can transfer this to your projects and design.


Iain Gordon, President at KNX UK

D2 Connected 10:00

Iain has over 30 years in the electrical contracting industry and is the owner of GES Digital. He is currently the President of the KNX UK Association, which represents the KNX standard within the UK.