Smart Buildings + Smart Workplace = Smart Experience


Investing in smart building technologies provides a more responsive workplace and an enhanced, productive environment for the occupants.  But the key to being "smart" is the integration of systems and data in order to enable intuitive, end-to-end features and functionality.  A building that is truly smart knows the real-time needs of its occupants and responds accordingly.  In addition, the building can learn patterns and behavior and begin to predict how to operate tomorrow.  The result is enhanced operational efficiencies, data-driven space optimization, and a happier, more productive workforce.  Learn how global companies are developing holistic smart building programs to create a better workplace and better experience for their employees, as well as the primary business drivers for going "smart".

Who should attend this session?

Corporate real estate executives Commercial real estate owners Facility managers Solution providers Architects, engineers Workplace strategy professionals

What will delegates learn from this session?

How to define and measure the business value of smart buildings across multiple value chains. How to approach smart buildings in a holistic manner in order to deliver the greatest functionality and ROI. How to use data and analytics to drive operational efficiencies, shape workplace strategy, and provide an enhanced end user experience.

Why is this issue of interest to delegates?

Being able to define and measure the value and ROI of smart buildings to the building owner is critical to the success of any smart building project.  This session will provide an overview of smart building solutions, describe the importance of a holistic approach to your overall smart building strategy, and provide the primary business drivers for implementing a smart building program across a broad portfolio.


Darlene Pope, Snr Vice President, Global Practice Lead at JLL Smart Building Program

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Current Responsibilities

Darlene Pope is Senior Vice President and Director of JLL's Smart building Program.  She has 25 years of experience in commercial real estate, technology, and smart building solutions.  Prior to joining JLL, Ms. Pope was the founder and CEO of CoR Advisors®, an independent smart building consulting firm specializing in furthering the adoption of technology into real estate management and operations.  CoR Advisors was acquired by JLL in 2015.  

Ms Pope leads the Smart Building practice at JLL, focusing on driving value to clients through the integration of intelligent, high-performance building systems and smart workplace applications.  She brings a unique set of skills and experience to the JLL team in all areas of energy, sustainability, and technology.  Ms. Pope overseas the smart building visioning, design, and engineering efforts for major smart building projects and has developed technology roadmaps for global corporate clients, representing various building types and sizes.  


Pope is a nationally recognized subject matter expert, author, and speaker on smart buildings, IoT, energy management, green buildings, sustainability, in-building wireless solutions, and other real estate technologies.  Based on her accomplishments and work in the industsry, she was recently named "Visionary of the Year" by the DC BID, and was recognised as one of Bisnow's Power Women in Commercial Real Estate.  

Ms. Pope was a Managing Partner at Realcomm, where she led the company's professional development division, newsletter, and magazine.  Her professional experience includes Founder and President of CRE Partners, Vice President of Real Estate at On-Site Access, Director of Real Estate at Broadband Office, and National  Director of the Internet Building program for Kivex/Allegiance Telecom.  Ms. Pope began her commercial real estate career as a property manager for Charles E. Smith Co. in Washington, DC in 1992.