Sensors are the foot soldiers of the BMS

With more and more buildings operate using modern communication protocols such as BACnet and Modbus and the convergence of the BMS with the IoT, it is easy to see why it is far simpler to build, extend and increase the range and capabilities of a unified, integrated system. However, in all of this, the humble sensor is still carrying the weight of providing vital data to these sophisticated systems. Sensors are frequently overlooked devices that really are the backbone of any installation and their capabilities are growing all the time as this seminar will demonstrate.


Stacey Lucas, Trainer at Sontay

D2 Controls 13:45

Stacey has been an integral part of the customer support team since 2001. Starting as a Customer Service Advisor, she has worked her way up, taking on the management of many vital customer support areas within the company. Overseeing Sales & Technical Support, Internal Sales, Marketing and operation of the customer orientated focus of the business, there are not many areas where Stacey does not have an input.