Secure By Design

In this modern business world of smart devices and systems how do you design a building management system that is protected against both cyber and physical threats?

If an attack is successful, it’s not just the risk of short-term inconvenience and disruption to business that is at stake if your building fails. It’s also an organisation’s reputation - and that has a more lasting effect.

There will be an overview of methodologies of designing and maintaining a system to counter those threats, thereby ensuring a secure building management system.


Anthony Dann, Senior Design Partner at Honeywell Trend Controls

D2 Controls 14:30

Anthony assists on all aspects of building management system (BMS) design. BMS designs, started with a requirement to maintain comfort conditions and minimise energy consumption.

Now a BMS is evolving to include many additional requirements for wellbeing, productivity, flexibility, sustainability, and future proofed smart intelligent buildings. With 25 years’ experience in the buildings industry, in delivering projects for a clients individual goals, Anthony’s drive is to assist consultants, end users, and contractors deliver these new and exciting systems. Anthony has project experience across all market segments, from the commercial office, to healthcare, retails, residential, data, and education.

Anthony has a BEng in Engineering with Business Studies, mixing key engineering knowledge with business principles and practice.