Connected buildings – disconnected people?


With the proliferation of smartphones, smart technology and the growing ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) we all now have the ability to interact with systems installed in our homes, workspace and built environment in a more meaningful way.

However, a recent ECA survey found that 61% of building clients, which included consultants, engineers, local authorities and facility managers, don’t have any plans to ‘evaluate and install connected technology’ in the next five years. While 40% of respondents said they were unfamiliar with the term ‘Internet of Things’. Are we really that disconnected?

During this seminar we will further explore these findings and identify the fundamental benefits and commercial and social opportunities associated with smart technology.


Steve Martin, Head of Technical at ECA

D2 Energy 10:00

Steve is the ECA’s Head of Technical and also Head of the FSA. 

He ensures relevant and practical advice and support is given to businesses across electrical and wider electrotechnical areas, notably fire and security, home technology and building automation. 

With an established industry background, Steve has firsthand experience within contracting and the challenges faced when embracing emerging technologies.