Wednesday 9th October

Time Session
10:00 How Digital Twins and AI can improve Building performance
Leo Hitzert, Priva
10:45 Microsoft – Shaping the Future of Smart Buildings and Spaces
David Williams, Microsoft
11:30 Leveraging New Transformative Technologies
Mark Davenport, ENGIE
12:15 Driving Business Outcomes through Collaborative Smart Buildings
Pradyumna Pandit, Schneider Electric
13:00 The Business Case For A Smart Building?
Susan Clarke, Verdantix
13:45 Panel Debate - IBM
14:30 Wellbeing in buildings – Gimmick or Game Changer?
Henry Lawson, BSRIA
15:15 Smart Buildings and the Connected World of IoT
Paul Price, Tridium Europe
16:00 Smart buildings, Using the power of IoT and the cloud to bring cost, safety and operational benefits to facilities management
Paul Mason , Honeywell Building Solutions
10:00 Smarter Networks for Connected Spaces
LeaAnn Carl, Commscope
10:45 Smart Buildings @ UCL
Dimitrios Rovas, UCL
11:30 When Full-fibre Infrastructure Meets Smart IoT Solutions
Clayton Nash, CityFibre
12:15 Driving Business Value in Smart Buildings via the new Bluetooth direction finding feature: an overview of AoA and AoD technologies
Fabio Belloni, Quuppa
13:00 TBC
13:45 Safe and Reliable IoT Mesh Network in Practice
Simon Chudoba, IQRF Alliance
14:30 Digital Buildings - Making the Data Useful
Oliver Barker, Norman Disney & Young
15:15 Integrated Building Automation. Collaboration and holistic design
Paul Foulkes, Theben
16:00 Transparent Solar Cells in SmartGlass - Sustainability at Lower Cost
Per Edstrom
10:00 Using your BMS to create well being
Ian Ellis, Siemens Smart Infrastructure
10:45 Delivering an Integrated Workplace Experience in Smart Buildings
Simon Clement, Schneider Electric
Graeme Rees, Schneider Electric
11:30 What's Now and What's Next For Smart Buildings
Darlene Pope, WeWork
12:15 Talking Buildings
Craig Birchenough, Wireless Infrastructure Group
13:00 5 things I've learned from getting smart wrong
Matthew Marson, WSP
13:45 Getting Started in Smart Building Cyber-security
Sarb Sembhi
14:30 Panel Debate - IWFM
15:15 Turning Ordinary Places into Brighter Spaces
Alan Jackson, Helvar
16:00 Autonomous Buildings are a $10 Trillion Market Opportunity by 2030
Thomas Chung, Verdigris
10:00 Sensing Technology in Building Services
Andy Camsell, SONTAY LTD
11:30 TBC
13:00 Never Underestimate the Cost of Power
Scott Goodwin, Utility Results
15:00 The IoT Will be the Death of Traditional BMS Controls
James Palmer, Global Associates Ltd

Thursday 10th October

Time Session
10:00 Omni's Digital led maintenance; disrupting the FM industry norms
Duncan Atkins, Omni Telemetry
10:45 Creating Self-maintaining Smart Buildings
Lars Hennecke, Schneider Electric
Erik Jaspers, Planon
11:30 Google
12:15 Purpose and the Path to Smart Building Success
Matt Salter, Excel Redstone
13:00 TBC
Mike Bedford, Hoare Lee
13:45 Real world benefits of occupancy data
Simon Carter, True Occupancy by Irisys / Anticus Consulting Ltd
14:30 The JCI Journey : distilled in a tale of a single building
Eamon O'Brien, JCI
15:15 FM & Workplace‚ 2 sides of the same coin
Tim Barnes, Synapsys Solutions
10:00 In-building Communications 101
Limor Schafman, TIA
10:45 Lighting: the foundation of a Smart Building
Jeremy Ludyjan, Tuya
11:30 Meraki MV: The all in one smart camera!
Leo Fischer
12:15 Panel Debate - BCIA/Beckhoff
13:00 How Bosch Creates Business Value Through IoT
Jenny Patten, Bosch UK
13:45 Sensors are the foot soldiers of the BMS
Stacey Lucas, Sontay
14:30 Secure By Design
Anthony Dann, Honeywell Trend Controls
15:15 Building Automation and Connected Equipment
George Wylie, Delta Controls
10:00 How to optimize the occupancy rate of office buildings?
Cyrille Trouilleau, LYNRED
10:45 Are you Taking the Right Approach to Smart Buildings & Places?
Paul Thomas, Capita IT and Networks
11:30 IWFM
12:15 Noise and Wellbeing at Work
Dr Nigel Oseland, Remark Group
13:00 Why workplace technology holds the answer to improved employee productivity, happiness and cognitive performance
Jason Thomas
13:45 The Height of Comfort
Simon Ward, Distech Controls
14:30 Turning Properties Into Places
Lauren Long, Site 1001
15:15 Intelligent lighting can make your business smarter
Rebecca Shaw, Scenariio
10:00 Why Should I be Using KNX
Stephen Payne, BEG (UK) Ltd
11:30 TBC
13:00 Cyber Security for Smart Buildings in the Cloud Age
Victor Lough, Schneider Electric