From Smart to Cognitive Buildings: Providing actionable insights which will increase efficiency and productivity, and save money


This presentation illustrates how collaboration between different technology partners is required in order to realise the commercial and operational advantages of connecting smart buildings to the Cloud. Beckhoff Automation Ltd provides PC-based automation control systems with interfaces to open building protocols such as DALI, KNX and BACnet. It is the integration of this technology along with FM management software using cloud services from IBM that can automate the processes that provide value driven benefits for building owners and operators.


Dave Lister, Divisional Manager at Beckhoff Automation Ltd

D2 Energy 13:00

Dave has been involved with major project delivery in the M&E industry for over 25 years. His expertise in integrated systems has covered electrical infrastructure, electronic security systems and now building automation and controls. His focus on ease of delivery and usability as the primary drivers for specification, ensures a measured place on the technology curve is observed. Dave now enjoys joint responsibilities in Beckhoff Automation UK, heading up their Building Automation Division and also now runs their strategic partner iaconnects (formerly Interior Automation Ltd). The Beckhoff UK Management team see this truly joined up approach between manufacturer, integrator and service provider as key to the success of complex integrated systems in the future.