Is dynamic solar shading the missing piece of the smart building services puzzle?


Solar shading (blinds) are part of the building services, rather than part of the furnishings. Control is the most critical part of the solar shading equation, but generally the most overlooked. Connectivity with smart building controls leverage the most benefit - blinds, lighting & HVAC working together for maximum efficiency. 

Who should attend this session? 

Anyone involved in designing, specifying or procuring building services

What will delegates learn from this session? 

Key take-aways are:
- solar shading must be dynamic to be effective
- control is the most critical element for success
- integration with smart building controls is the way forward
- practical ways in which all the above can be achieved
- spin-off benefits such as security and aesthetics.

Why is this issue of interest to delegates? 

This area of building service controls is currently under-served in comparison to the core M&E disciplines. There is a need and an increasing desire for awareness and information around this issue.


Nigel Hill, Managing Director at Umbra Shading

D2 Energy 14:30

Having worked in the window blinds industry for over 20 years, Nigel Hill is now Managing Director of Umbra Shading, a specialist shading manufacturer based in south Wales. Nigel is passionate about both the form and function of 'intelligent shading' and the part it plays in today's smart connected buildings.