Real world benefits of occupancy data

We will discuss the journey a customer goes on when utilising occupancy data in their building - from understanding their building usage, to optimisation and sustainment.

Supported by real world examples of savings and benefits realised by two large UK institutions, we will demonstrate how occupancy data can drive ongoing business decisions and match real estate with business needs.


Simon Carter, Managing Director at True Occupancy by Irisys / Anticus Consulting Ltd

D2 management 13:45

As the former Head of Corporate Property at National Grid, Simon was the mastermind behind their Smart Work Space initiative – a project that transformed the National Grid estate, improved building utilisation saving over £8million annually, and delivered increased employee productivity, employee engagement and team collaboration.

Simon now runs his own consultancy, Anticus Consulting Ltd, which has the aim of sharing his experiences with others to help improve overall business performance. He has teamed up with True Occupancy, smart building tech provider, to help companies improve their business performance through property occupancy analytics.

He is also a regular speaker at international events, is a member of the Midlands & East Anglia region of the British Council of Offices and was the Occupier Judge for the region’s annual awards three years running.