FM & Workplace‚ 2 sides of the same coin

The ongoing debate relating to the concept of workplace, and its role alongside or detached from facilities management, is gaining momentum and attention.

Organisational bodies traditionally associated with FM are looking to rename or rebrand to incorporate workplace. The trade press is awash with articles, papers and opinions on the links with workplace, wellness and wellbeing. Whilst it is good that the conversations are now occurring with FM and workplace in the same paragraph, there is a developing story with their themes and end games.

With this in mind we ask the questions - What is FM & Workplace? What connects them? What are the differences? We take a look in more detail at what both themes require now and long term. How both have to implement technologies for capturing and delivering data from buildings for analysis and for developing into actionable information. We also ask - Can FM companies evolve their solutions to incorporate workplace more formally? Are they able to analyse data effectively now? Are the claims reality?

In summing up we start to see these two themes sit naturally together, in fact; FM & workplace are two sides of the same coin.


Tim Barnes, Business Development Manager at Synapsys Solutions

D2 management 15:15

Tim has a background in controls, having worked for Trend Controls and with Schneider Electric. Tim also gained invaluable experience within the mechanical and electrical maintenance and FM markets, through working for Dalkia Energy & Technical Services and Interserve.

Furthermore, Tim has knowledge of demand side energy services, having worked closely with energy consultancy teams and managing an energy bureau, as well as experience across multiple market sectors supporting customer’s energy and sustainability needs, including targeting their compliance, cost and carbon management requirements.