The fundamentals of security

The security of smart buildings control is a growing challenge, and much of the responsibility lies with systems designers and installers. KNX aims to set the benchmark.

Iain Gordon, President of the UK KNX Association of integrators and manufacturers will look at the core challenges of managing network access and traffic. He will make particular reference to the KNX Secure approach, but many of the principles and disciplines will apply to any system.

KNX, of course, has been intrinsically secure since it was first conceived, more than 25 years ago. It has always been seen as a futureproof system, so how has the international KNX organisation kept its global standard at the forefront of secure thinking? What are the principles of best practice for countering the threats of signals being intercepted and manipulated, maliciously or carelessly, over WLANs or wider IP networks and RF?


Iain Gordon, KNX UK President at KNX UK

D2 T3 13:00

Iain Gordon is President of KNX UK , the UK national association of KNX integrators, manufacturers, wholesalers. KNX UK provides a unique platform for sharing ideas and building a KNX-based business. Iain started his own business, GES Digital in 1997, and has been exclusively a KNX system installer since 2003. KNX is, he says, simply the best solution any integrator can offer their customers, and he is keen to help other professionals to join the KNX community.