KNX Building Control Solution CIBSE CPD

The CPD will covering areas like what is KNX, how it works, what it offers, manufactures and products and some examples of existing projects.

As I am Vice President of the KNX UK Association I hope my years of experience will be of help to anyone wanting to know more about The world’s only Open Protocol Building Control solution.


Stephen Payne, KNX UK Vice-President and at Systems Sales Manager, BEG (UK) Ltd

D2 Training 10:00

I have been working in the smart building market since the turn of the century. Mainly involved with KNX, but other solutions as well. I started my working life as a Technical Apprentice in the Telecoms market moving later into switchgear and control gear with a short stint selling BMS products.

I have spent many years working in the KNX product market and for most of that time I have been a member of the UK KNX Association Board and in recent years elected to be there Vice President. As Systems Sales Manager at BEG UK Ltd I look after sales of our KNX and DALI System product.