Breathing Easier with Smart Technology – how building technology is revolutionising indoor climate control and security


  • Exploring smart natural air ventilation as a concept, how it works, what the benefits are
  • Examining the evidence of recent studies on the expectations of improved productivity and occupant health and reduced cases of “Sick Building Syndrome”
  • Looking at the link of how smart systems not only breathe life into buildings but are equipped to save life, with smart networked systems opening windows and doors in the event of a fire, allowing safe and smoke free escape
  • Looking at security, the elimination of “windows left open” unnecessarily and the benefits of safe and secure night ventilation on buildings for the following working day

It is very new and so not accredited.


It takes about 40 minutes.


Spencer Allen, National Sales Manager, Window Technology Systems at GEZE UK Ltd

D2 Training 13:00

Spencer Allen is National Sales Manager for Window Technology Systems at GEZE UK. He has worked in the construction industry for over 12 years, gaining considerable expertise in technology relating to natural smoke and environmental ventilation.  He leads a team of professionals based in the UK focused on supporting and growing understanding on new technologies and smart solutions for better building indoor climates and safety strategies. Spencer joined GEZE in 2006, he has  worked across the technical support, project management and sales divisions, building up a wealth of product knowledge and experience of the industry and its customers. 

GEZE is one of the world's leading providers of door and window control technology and services and a property partner to clients, developers, contractors, architects, installers and end users worldwide.

Over 150 years of innovative designs and high quality German engineering have decisively influenced building technology on projects in over 100 countries worldwide, providing clear guidance on building master-planning, sustainable sourcing, life-cycle costing, service cost management and improved building security, safety, comfort and control for all sectors of the industry.