Smart Buildings in 2025: What Will The Technology Ecosystem Look Like?

In 2025 newly constructed smart buildings will be designed to enhance the productivity of building users, deliver more sophisticated energy management and maximise space utilization. But what will the technology ecosystem to manage smart buildings look like? This presentation will draw on recent Verdantix research studies into building technologies to share two likely scenarios for the future development of technology ecosystems for smart buildings. In this session we will consider the role for IoT platforms, facilities optimization software, artificial intelligence, smart equipment, workplace apps, robots and other technologies. Real estate investors, property developers, facilities managers, product manufacturers and technology vendors should attend this session to get an independent perspective into the range of technologies that will infuse smart buildings of the future.

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Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst at Verdantix

D1 T1 10:00

Susan is a Principal Analyst at Verdantix, an independent research firm with a focus on innovative technologies to optimize business operations. Her research covers technology solutions for optimizing buildings including integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), energy management solutions and Internet-of-Things platforms. Her research is used by technology buyers and product executives to support them in their technology planning. In 2010 she graduated from the University of London with an MSc in Practising Sustainable Development.