ISS-Spica: Digital Workplace Experience

A presentation on how ISS, with technology partner Spica are offering up a new business-outcome led model for surfacing building information up to the actual users of a building via a single mobile app. Operational running of a building including energy costs amount to under 10% of total spend, with 90% costs typically attributed to staff – it is the employee experience therefore where FM technology innovation should primarily be focused on. Providing real-time data about the building (location-based services including access control, room booking, service requests, free desk areas, internal environmental quality, find a colleague, catering booking etc) can have a huge impact on improving productivity, wellbeing and happiness - leading to higher recruitment and retention rates and ultimately savings to the bottom line. This talk will reference tangible examples of production-ready solutions that can make a difference to Real Estate Owners and Occupiers today.

Download presentation [3.72 MB]


Graham Woods, Head of Digitial Transformation at ISS UK

D1 T1 14:30

Worked in and around the FM industry for over 20 years in various technology disciplines from Operations, to Business Solutions. Driving transformational activities based around how technology can be utilised to support service delivery and work place experience enhancements.

Paul Collins, Founder and CTO at SPICA Technologies Ltd

D1 T1 14:30

Paul is the Founder and CTO of SPICA Technologies Ltd, a rapidly growing tech start focused on using technology in the built environment to help our clients deliver healthy and productive workplaces. 

Paul comes from an enterprise systems integration background and has worked across a number of sectors, helping clients solve complex integration and data challenges. Paul currently works with SPICA's FM clients to help them explore the "art of the possible", using Digital technologies like the Internet of Things to deliver great solutions that make a real difference to the workplace and the workplace experience.