Smart buildings need smart clients

Building occupiers are increasingly turning to smart building technologies that include big data analytics, the internet of things and artificial intelligence to improve the operation of their buildings. The HMRC has embarked on a major transformation of its property portfolio and is keen to use this as a catalyst to accelerate the adoption of smarter working practices.

They are investing £0.5 bn in consolidating its estate from [140] buildings to [13] regional hubs. This presentation will explore how HMRC is addressing the challenges of ‘becoming smarter’ and how client organisations are looking to exploit this opportunity to improve:

· Occupier experience and productivity

· Operational efficiency (e.g. energy use and security)

· Maintenance optimisation and the use of AI This will include discussion of the distinctive approach to smarter buildings technology enablement that is being developed for the programme, including key policies and initiatives, set in the context of current trends.

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Robert Musgrove, IBM Real Estate and IoT Lead Public Sector at IBM UK Ltd

D2 T1 12:15

An IBM Associate Partner and leader of Real Estate and the Internet of things. Robert has over 15 years of experience helping Public Sector organisations to transform their way they manage their Real Estate portfolios and the processes and services that support them. Robert has led major workplace transformations at the MoD, the DVLA, the Home Office and has most recently worked as Programme Director leading the development of digital platform to support the more effective management of the MoD Estate. 

Robert is a Chartered Civil Engineer with a background in the design and project management of major environmental infrastructure programmes.