Case Study - Pets at Home

Focusing on the demand reduction solution created by Ignite for Pets at Home, the seminar would focus on the reasoning, strategy and result. From Pets at Home, attendees would gain insight as to what drove them to implement the strategy, what changes and investments were made and the outcome regarding cost vs savings (if they are happy to share financial figures).

Ignite would contribute by educating attendees about the approach to their analysis of the situation, and the changes that can be made by implementing the services and products that are offered by Ignite. Resource Data Management would provide information about HVACR controls, giving insight and opinion on technological advances, trends and future expectations. Touching on how the accessibility, flexibility and price point of RDM controls contributed to the success of the project.

Neither Ignite nor RDM will present a hard sales pitch when talking about the products and solutions that are offered by each company; it will be done with a high-level practical application and technical commentary approach.


The presenters will be James Kokiet, Energy Manager at Pets at Home, Ben Higgins, Director at Ignite Energy, and Graeme Ross. Lasting 40 mins, it will include a panel discussion with an allowance of 10 minutes Q&A with the audience.

Ben will open with an overview of the project – highlighting reasoning, objectives and outcomes. This would be followed by a Q&A/panel discussion session. With responses triggered by the below questions.

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Ben Higgins, Director at Ignite Energy

Ben Higgins has been working in the energy industry for over ten years and has overseen the successful delivery of a whole range of energy services including procurement and risk management, bill validation, finance support and reporting, CRC, GHG reporting, ESOS, smart metering projects and significant demand reduction projects.

Through his work as a Director at Ignite Energy, clients have achieved savings worth tens of millions of pounds and made equally large reductions in carbon emissions, benefitting both businesses and the environment.

Graeme Ross, Group Head of BEMS at Resource Data Management

D2 T1 13:00

Graeme Ross has led the growth of Resource Data Management (RDM) control and monitoring solutions within the BEMS sector. Multi-disciplined, Graeme has a wealth of experience attained in wide-ranging roles in leading companies over the past 30 years. 

His unique insight facilitates the swift installation of robust HVACR control and building energy management solutions across many industries. Supporting customers in control system design, installation and project management, he regularly helps them achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions, energy and HVACR infrastructure maintenance costs.

James Kokiet, Energy Manager at Pets at Home

James Kokiet has been the Energy Manager at Pets at Home for four years and has overseen a dramatic change in their approach to energy and sustainability during that time. James was instrumental in the development and implementation of Project Aether, which resulted in a reduction of energy consumption of more than 30% across the businesses portfolio of more than 420 stores.

Pets at Home now claims to be the UK’s first specialist pet retailer and vet group to have zero carbon stores and vet surgeries due to the actions Kokiet has implemented.