Smart Buildings in the Future – Yes; making existing buildings smarter – Yes please!

The future is a fully smart, integrated building, but with most of the UK’s current building stock remaining as developed with existing infrastructure and technology, what can be done now to make our buildings smarter.

Covering areas such as:

  • Accessing the data held within our buildings to make meaningful decisions – right data at the right time - and making actionable data to support decision making.
  • Delivering valuable operational enhancements.
  • Engaging end users, supporting wellbeing initiatives and improving productivity, delivering enhanced asset life
  • Turning the theory into reality

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Tim Barnes, Business Development Manager at Synapsys Solutions

D2 T1 13:45

Tim has a background in controls, having worked for Trend Controls and with Schneider Electric. Tim also gained invaluable experience within the mechanical and electrical maintenance and FM markets, through working for Dalkia Energy & Technical Services and Interserve.

Furthermore, Tim has knowledge of demand side energy services, having worked closely with energy consultancy teams and managing an energy bureau, as well as experience across multiple market sectors supporting customer’s energy and sustainability needs, including targeting their compliance, cost and carbon management requirements.