Smart Buildings: Trends with Platforms and Integrations

Commercial buildings stand at the precipice of a revolution that will improve facility efficiencies for building owners, improve day-to-day experiences for occupants and connect individual buildings to a broader citywide connected grid with enhanced features and services for all stakeholders. Smart building technologies will fully integrate subordinate domains in a building, aggregate data from equipment across these domains, and act upon the collected data through programmed algorithms.

Today, most smart buildings rely on building management system (BMS) platforms to act as a centralized hub for building data, but just a small minority of BMS platforms are programmed to exert authority over domains and to control building operations. In this presentation, Julian Watson from IHS Markit will offer insights into market opportunities for BMS platform providers and the market barriers that are limiting the adoption of this technology in buildings today. In addition, Julian will analyze technological trends impacting BMS platforms, including data processing alternatives on the cloud and the edge. Finally, Julian will offer observations and data related to the end-user industries that will most aggressively transition to smart building architectures over the next several years.


Julian Watson, Senior Principal Analyst, IoT at IHS Markit

D1 T2 10:45

Julian Watson is the senior principal analyst of Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity research at IHS Markit. He is responsible for analyzing IoT technologies, applications and business models. 

Prior to this, Julian was Director of Operators research with IHS Technology’s Mobile and Telecom team. In this role he developed analysis of operators’ bundling business models, emerging markets footprint strategies and M&A opportunities. He also undertook custom research for operators, equipment vendors and regulatory authorities on issues such quad play strategies, VoIP and fixed broadband market segmentation. 

Julian has been widely quoted on mobile market consolidation, quad-play and telecoms regulatory developments by media outlets such as the BBC, Bloomberg, CNBC, CNN and Reuters.

Julian has a BA in Politics and Russian from the University of Leeds. He is based in London, United Kingdom.