The A B C of energy management for commercial property

As the cost of energy inexorably rises, what can you do to manage your building’s energy performance? We explore the A, B, C of building energy management:

• Asset - The efficiency of the building fabric and equipment installed – how retrofit measures can be implemented to improve an EPC rating. Using real examples taken from our clients who have installed LED lighting, new HVAC equipment and insulation to improve their buildings’ life cycle.

• Behaviour - How the occupiers actually use the building, and how connected devices and sensor technology are monitoring aspects of the indoor working environment in order to provide healthy workplaces.

• Create - Onsite energy generation – how organisations can realise the benefits of deploying a range of onsite renewable energy generation technologies. How to gain the maximum benefit in both carbon and cost. Taken together, these three approaches will provide a complete understanding of your energy costs and opportunities.

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Stephen Preece, Business Development Director at arbnco

D1 T2 13:00

Stephen heads up the sales and business growth team at arbnco. With an Oxford degree in engineering, twenty years experience in the construction sector, and passionate about energy efficiency, he is ideally suited to understand our customer’s needs and priorities, and to ensure that our service and solutions consistently exceed their expectations.