The Spread of Cyberthreats: How Hackers Are Connecting with Smart Buildings

As with many organizations today, Smart Buildings rely on connectivity. However, while this connectivity is important to meet consumer demand and maintain a competitive edge, today’s connected world also assists in how malware, ransomware and other threats spread. As connected devices proliferate, this increased connectivity introduces more vulnerabilities, and more openings, for hackers to exploit. In our connected world, threats can come from any direction. Security strategists need to think differently, factoring in the full threat landscape and thinking like a hacker. With the cross-contamination of connected devices, threats easily cross boundaries of the connected home, the connected building, mobile devices and the enterprise. Gone are the days where protecting devices inside corporate walls is enough. Simply put, the proliferation of persistent threats on so many fronts is a serious issue. The way to combat this threat to Smart Buildings is to learn to think like an attacker and develop a long-term cybersecurity strategy.

This session will start with a view of the hackers’ business model, explore how hackers operate and provide an analysis of how threats spread in the current connected landscape. What are hackers after? How do they gain access despite sound security measures being in place? This discussion will answer those questions and highlight the importance of a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy in disrupting a hacker's business model, making it difficult to reverse engineer your security strategy and exploit vulnerabilities introduced through the connectivity offered by Smart Buildings.

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David W. Jones, Senior Director Business Development at Irdeto

D1 T2 15:15

David W. Jones is a technology and business development executive bringing cyber-security expertise to the IoT, and media segments on behalf of Irdeto (a Naspers group company [JSE:NPN]). Since joining Irdeto in 2008 David has held a number of Global roles including head of payments/banking cyber-security, business development, and partnership/channel management. David has extensive experience working with application and device security as well as cloud/API solutions impacting open banking strategies. Over his 15 year career David also held leadership roles at Tribune Media Services (now Gracenote) while establishing European business operations. A hobbyist inventor David has a passion for technology, innovation, and start-ups. David is a graduate of Siena College (U.S.A: N.Y). - Business Management and Computer Science.