Introduction to KNX - Get a backbone

Get a backbone: We expect a lot of a building control system, and we expect it to move with the times as technology evolves and the commercial requirement of the occupants changes.

In days of what can be wafer-thin margins in construction and facilities and services management, we need controls infrastructure to provide a real return in investment, and for there to be certainty that maintenance will be affordable and that ‘plug-and-play’ spares or seamlessly compatible upgrades will always be available. Meanwhile, at the user interface, there is demand to integrate more and more things to your internet/intranet. How can you string all that together?

Quite simply, the argument for KNX, a global, open communications protocol has become compelling. It is the scalable, secure, robust, hard-wired and future-proof backbone that gives free reign to the creative vision and talent of systems designers. Hundreds of manufacturers continue to invest in developing the products that keep KNX systems ahead of the curve. Iain Gordon will look at some recent innovations.

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Iain Gordon, KNX UK President at KNX UK

D2 T2 10:00

Iain Gordon is President of KNX UK , the UK national association of KNX integrators, manufacturers, wholesalers. KNX UK provides a unique platform for sharing ideas and building a KNX-based business. Iain started his own business, GES Digital in 1997, and has been exclusively a KNX system installer since 2003. KNX is, he says, simply the best solution any integrator can offer their customers, and he is keen to help other professionals to join the KNX community.