Commissioning IoT: Connectivity, Security and Integration of the Smart Building Space

With commercial building projects becoming increasingly integrated and IoT based, the role of the Master Systems Integrator (MSI) has become more essential than ever to the successful delivery of large-scale Smart Building projects.

ExcelRedstone are the leading provider of Master System Integrator (MSI) services across the UK. Oliver Barker, Solutions Architect for the company, argues that with all the future-proofing and ‘blue sky’ thinking that often surrounds the Smart Building concept, little consideration is given during the construction stage to ensure the solutions deployed will actually function and deliver their promised benefits. During his presentation Oliver will focus on the key items and deliverables that make the Smart Building happen, such as connectivity, security and integration, and how the MSI helps to pull these together to deliver an operational, efficient space.

He will also explore how the building industry is changing to become increasingly more digital, and how new technologies can help to speed up commissioning, validation and conformance at both the device and building level, delivering the Smarter building faster.

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Oliver Barker, Solutions Architect at ExcelRedstone

D2 T2 10:45

Oliver Barker is a Solutions Architect working for ExcelRedstone. Oliver graduated from university with a degree in Software Engineering and since then has spent over 10 years working in the construction industry with industrial metering systems, controls systems and networks. During this time, he has worked on multiple high profile projects throughout the UK such as Wind Farms, Power Stations and many commercial smart building projects.

Moving to ExcelRedstone in early 2016 Oliver has focused his work on Smartbuilding, IoT and integration projects providing design and interface between high-level project scope and the install happening at ground level.