Why the future of smart buildings is a hybrid wired and wireless solution

Andy defines the technological advancements that are driving a new hybrid approach to retrofitting smart building solutions.

Andy identifies the complexities of transmitting data long distances and across many hundreds of connected assets within large scale buildings. He explores both sides of the argument of wired vs wireless. He goes on to reveal the vantage-points of power line communications (PLC) as a scalable and robust market-ready alternative to conventional wired and wireless technologies. Andy focuses on the interoperability - including DALI, 0-10v, BACnet and Modbus - required for a 21st century smart building solution.

Plus, he welcomes the introduction of Bluetooth Mesh as the critical “last 20 metres” technology for additional sensed data-sets within a smart building. Andy concludes by sharing several case studies where a truly hybrid approach unlocks the potential for predicative maintenance and asset-based insights as a key enabler for Industry 4.0.


Andy Heaton, CEO at enModus

T2 D2 12:15

Andy Heaton is the founder and CEO of enModus, a UK based, VC funded technology start-up. Andy has more than 30 years’ experience in technology companies, both in the UK and US, from world leading semiconductor companies to small start-ups. enModus was founded in 2010 by Andy and some like-minded technology veterans with one goal in mind; to develop a world beating powerline technology for Smart Buildings.