Predicting everything: using IoT and AI to change facility management

The data produced by IoT and other smart devices is growing at staggering pace, while the cost of storing and processing data decreases exponentially. The resulting ‘flooding’ of data and advances on big data analytics offers unprecedent possibility to change the way we manage buildings and facilities.

This talk will describe how advanced analytics can help transforming large and heterogeneous data sets into insight and predictions, how this can be used to manage facilities proactively, and the associated benefits and impact on business models.

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Alejandro Navarro, Director of Products and Analytics at Mite

D2 T2 14:30

Alejandro works at Mitie Plc, a leading Facility Management organisation, where he has the prime responsibility of developing new and innovative solutions to help organisations to improve the performance of their workspaces, using emerging technologies such as IoT and Machine Learning.

Alejandro is a Civil Engineer in Electronics, and holds a Master of Business Administration, and a Master of Science in Innovation and Technology. He has over 20 years of professional experience, providing advice and delivering solutions to Fortune 500 companies in areas such as strategy definition, market and investment analysis, product development, performance improvement, and transformation programs.