Secure: How do you capitalise on opportunities from the IoT while managing cyber risk?

IIoT promises greater business value through increased connectivity and data analytics. However, with greater connectivity comes an increased vulnerability to cyber-attacks. With technologies evolving in both streams, attackers are leveraging more sophisticated means to gain access to information. Cybersecurity should, therefore, be a holistic part of company culture. There’s no point in securing systems, if the building is not secure. And every network and connected device must be protected. This presentation aims to educate the audience on the trends in IoT, which whilst bringing us huge benefits, also bring additional concerns in the area of Cyber Attacks. There will be a brief overview on the types and effects of attacks, some real world examples, and some analysis of the associated costs. The presentation then discusses how we can tackle this through Cyber Security, some of the features to watch out for when choosing system components, and then get into specifics of how Building Management Systems can still bring the benefits of open systems, whilst being hardened to the threat of Cyber Attacks as much as possible.

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Victor Lough, Cyber Security & Advanced Digital Services Business Lead at Schneider Electric Systems UK Ltd

D2 T3 11:30

Victor Lough has over 30-yrs experience in Process Automation Technology, with over 16 of these with Schneider-Electric. He read Physics with Solid State Electronics at Heriot-Watt University, achieving Hons. After an initial spell with Western Geophysical as a Control & Instrument Engineer, Victor has focused on Asset Performance Improvement disciplines, culminating in 2014 with a secure IIoT supported Proactive Maintenance solution for the LV/MV Schneider-Electric Power Business. For three years until April 2017, Victor developed the CNI market for L3 -TRL Technology in the fields of Government Grade secure communications and Information Assurance. He is currently with Schneider-Electric delivering Cyber Security and Advanced Digital Services for the Process Automation Division.