Clayton Nash

Head of Product at CityFibre

Today Clayton leads the product team at CityFibre; the UK’s leading alternative provider of wholesale full fibre infrastructure. In 2018 the company committed £2.5bn to rollout whole-city full fibre networks to serve 5 million premises by 2025 (20% of the UK). 26 UK towns and cities have been announced so far, with many more to follow. Once build is complete, almost every home, business, public and mobile site in each area will gain access to broadband speeds of 1Gbps and beyond.

Clayton joined CityFibre from Vodafone in 2016 – where he’d led a full strategic assessment of consumer fibre network futures, advised on network investments and provided technical input into various regulatory projects. Prior to this he undertook a range of strategic roles within BT’s Openreach division – including improving the way Next Generation Access (NGA) was built and managing a Carrier Ethernet, DWDM and TDM product portfolio worth over 900 million pounds.

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