Matt Salter

Director at Excel Redstone

Matt Salter is Director of Smart Buildings at ExcelRedstone, and in a time where the word “passionate” has become a cliché in business, Matt is a true embodiment of someone who is truly passionate about his role.
Matt does not like technology for technology’s stake, he is instead excited by the possibilities of technology and the potential that it has to offer as a driver of positive change.

A visionary in the smart buildings space, Matt is leading the charge for buildings to work harder and more efficiently for the benefit of those that own and occupy them. He fundamentally believes that buildings have yet to exploit the technological advances of recent years and, with the ways we communicate and work rapidly changing, that buildings need to up their game.

Matt’s enthusiasm for the potential of technology is tempered by his industry and hands-on experience. He began on customer sites, installing IT infrastructure – giving him direct experience in some of the technologies that are key to smart buildings. His career flourished into project and operations management, which gives him unparalleled expertise in the practicalities of complex projects within buildings as well as the ever-changing requirements of customers.
One of Matt’s favourite quotes is “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” by Henry Ford. It embodies his belief not that technology should be prescriptive, but that sometimes to advance you have to have a strong vision and a deep understanding of what will make your customers’ lives better.

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