Richard Bridge

Client Director at Comms365

Richard Bridge is enjoying an amazing career, staying on the cutting edge of new technologies and emerging markets. He started in telecoms over 30 years ago, in 1988 by joining Mercury Communications to establish himself in the Traditional and Hosted Voice business. He moved to Paging and later to Internet Access in the nineties, staying well informed about new tech for the business world.

By 2006 he had become involved in developing and bringing to market a real time static security guard time management and rostering system using wireless key pads and biometrics (very early IoT).

Richard joined Comms365 in 2017 moving from Virgin Media Business, and keen to work with 4G, M2M and IoT. Comms365 were already getting traction in this space, which was a good fit. The opportunity arose to work with CityFibre on an existing project to deploy a LoRaWAN network in a Housing Association environment. The HA were seeking ways to support resource management and reduce cost, whilst at the same time promote tenant well-being. The IoT projects with CityFibre have shown how this is possible by reducing energy costs, managing humidity and planning for preventative maintenance to the HA properties, whilst at the same time helping to reduce risks associated with tenant health.

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