Connected - Controls

The Connected - Controls theatre will look at the physical devices in smart buildings including building controls, energy efficiency, BEMS, networks, connectivity, sensors, shading and lighting.

The Connected - Controls theatre is sponsored by Bluetooth SIG.


Wednesday 9th October

Time Session
10:00 Smarter Networks for Connected Spaces
LeaAnn Carl, Commscope
10:45 Smart Buildings @ UCL
Dimitrios Rovas, UCL
11:30 When Full-fibre Infrastructure Meets Smart IoT Solutions
Clayton Nash, CityFibre
12:15 Driving Business Value in Smart Buildings via the new Bluetooth direction finding feature: an overview of AoA and AoD technologies
Fabio Belloni, Quuppa
13:00 TBC
13:45 TBC
14:30 Digital Buildings - Making the Data Useful
Oliver Barker, Norman Disney & Young
15:15 Integrated Building Automation. Collaboration and holistic design
Paul Foulkes, Theben
16:00 How Technology is Changing the Built Environment - Preparing for Smart Buildings and Immersive, Personalised Experiences in Your Facilities
Todd Boucher, LED Design

Thursday 10th October

Time Session
10:00 In-building Communications 101
Limor Schafman, TIA
10:45 Lighting: the foundation of a Smart Building
Jeremy Ludyjan, Tuya
11:30 Cisco/Meraki
12:15 Panel Debate - BCIA/Beckhoff
13:00 TBC
13:45 Sensors are the foot soldiers of the BMS and don't forget it
Stacey Lucas, Sontay
14:30 Secure By Design
Anthony Dann, Honeywell Trend Controls
15:15 Building Automation and Connected Equipment
George Wylie, Delta Controls