Smart Buildings for smart business: How IoT technology evolution transforms buildings into operational assets

Buildings are going through a continuous transformation enabled by the IoT technologies such as predictive maintenance, data analytics, Cloud and mobile applications. These technologies are revolutionising the building automation systems, from energy management to space usage, occupant comfort, facility management and even the HVAC. The convergence of technologies already delivers tangible business outcomes by reducing the operating costs and improving the occupant experience. This trend will significantly grow in the years to come and it will totally transform the building industry.


On a short run, predicting how an organisation’s operating costs will change from week to week or month to month is no easy feat. Tight budgets leave little room for unexpected surprises, and while recent periods of low-wage growth and stable energy costs have helped ease the management burden, these trends will not last forever. Facility managers and business leaders should assess ways of better managing variability. To do this, they should use a wealth of data available from today’s building systems.  IoT-enabled connectivity makes this possible, but the insight gained analysing statistics tied to repairs, operations, space usage, occupancy levels and energy performance and costs is key. These insights can help drive automated actions that solve real business issues and drive more outcomes from a facility. What’s essential is aligning these to the business operations and making the facilities your organisation operates in, positively impact your bottom line.


Paul Mason , Digital Services Leader, Europe at Honeywell Building Solutions

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Paul has almost 20-years in the industry initially serving as a HBS technician through to running large service businesses within Europe. In his current role, Paul works with global technology and marketing teams to help create and deploy IoT-enabled services that make buildings more efficient and put them to work as an asset that can help drive customer growth rather than simply being seen as an unwanted cost. Through our app development, Paul is also helping to create new user experiences that deliver occupant efficiencies and experiences that drive up employee loyalty, helping customers to attract and retain talent whilst also increasing the asset value for facility owners.